A new pet peeve i have is when people use mira and ver interchangeably.


just no.

you can’t do that. Saying “te miro en la casa” is like saying, i’ll look at you at home. you don’t say that, you say “te veo en la casa” ~i’ll see you at home. It’s like using look and see interchangeably, which you don’t do in the continental US.

My brother in law does that, and i love him, but that bothers me.

» This is how i think SEX with Big Bang member would be…




With TOP:

Rough and Hot!

With G-Dragon:

Kinky and Sexy…

With Taeyang:

Deep and Intense…

With Daesung:

Sweet and romantic…

With SeungRi:

Wild and steamy…

That’s right i said it…

Except let’s be honest Young Bae would cry because vaginas are the physical manifestation of Satan!

Seungri would be fast and awkward. As much as I love him, he needs to work on his game.

Finally, i’m glad i’m not the only one who’s been thinking this OTL


Omg Yes


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When I first meet a guy, the first things I look at are their fingers and wrists. I have a weird fetish for long nubby fingers and wrists where the bones pop out.



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HAHA. My friend said I was flirting with my other friend. I do no such thing. I may be a hoar, but I don’t flirt :P