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tout est fabuleux avec toi ♥

God, I love my biopsychology class soooo so much. I randomly chose it, and I’m so glad I did. For my UC essays I have to start writing soon, I have to talk about how being in the SHP at school benefited me, and it’ll be an easier essay to write bcus I’ll just talk about how much I love that class and the prof she’s so COOL and how it guided me to change my majorrr. Like I’ve learned so much in there like the anatomy of the brain, how the embryo becomes (fe)male, learning, memory UGH, I love it. And also today, I answered a question, but I kinda whispered it and this guy said it louder and got credit for it wtf. But omg, biopsych is in alignment with my stats and soc class so I had an aha moment and I was like omg this all makes sense and I just got soooo happy, I love my classes this semester. I’m so close to an A in stats, and I wanna become a tutor next year. And in my stats class the girl I sit next to is so fucking hilarious I almost started crying one day bcus of what she said. 

And also, Alex is taking me somewhere on Saturday morning, I don’t know where, he just asked me yesterday if I had any plans that morning. Hmmmm I wonder what we’ll do 

Ughghghhg, I have to take a speech class over the summer, which…I don’t really need to take, it’s only if I wanna transfer to a CSU. I’ll take it just in case I last minute decide to transfer to LB or something. But I didn’t know the classes are Mon-Thurs. UGH. They’re only about an hour and a half, but still, I’m so damn lazy. I’ll take it the first session of summer, so July-mid August I’ll be free, which is good bcus I don’t wanna do a goddamn thing for August, esp the 14th heheh :) 

Next semester though, well actually, next year, the classes I’ll have to take seem reeeaaally interesting. I’ll have to take research methods and abnormal psych.  I’m looking forward to those classes, and I think I can even take an art class and a language class. I kinda wanna pick up French again, but they also have Japanese, and Chinese, and ASL. Also, I’ll have to take a PE class, I’m hoping they have a basketball slot. It’s funny how in high school, that’s the last thing I wanted to do, but now I’m craving it. And fall semester, I’ll only have to take one three hour class ugh thank God. Fuck,I forgot I’ll prob have to do an honors contract instead of taking an actual honors class. Oh well

Current mood: on the brink of crying and constant nervousness 

alright I’ve spent all weekend studying if it’s not in my head already then it shouldn’t be in there for a reason. 

lo que sera sera. 

Tonight’s been so boring. Alex got sick so we couldn’t hang out, and it feels like a Friday night from high school. I’ll probably take him some hot tea tomorrow. I should study for my math exam but it’s too hard so I’m gonna wait until Sunday (night??) to cry about it. Ugh, I also have stats exam on Thursday, I’ve had multiple exams these past two weeks, I’m gonna throw myself from the social science building. I’ve just been so tired and moody these weeks, I need a break from life.

I’m gonna get a belly button piercing just wait mom you can’t control me forever

I really should work on my biopsych research paper that’s due on Monday, but instead I’m watching Prince Royce videos ;askdlfja some1 slap me


Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic, the Bronx has a good amount of bachata singers from there, and it’s like a mixture of salsa and r&b. It’s fucking great, and it’s all love/heartbreak songs. Check out this song and this song if you want. 

I keep waking up each morning with cravings to listen to Spanish love songs and my mom’s getting annoyed with me. 


Si Tu Supieras

Si Tu No Estas Aqui


Estos Celos

Sweeeet. I just need my conclusion and I’ll be done with the research paper and thanks to my sister I finally have Word on my laptop. 

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Moments like this, please don’t end. ♥

Can I just rant for a moment pls;;;;

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